We make
what we love.

We love
what we do.

“Thus freed from mundane chores, we devoted ourselves to the serious purpose of life. This was expressed in one word - polo” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

We are a duo of dreamers with a passion for Polo and Horses.

Challenged to find polo equipment for children, we founded a line of quality products to bring the world of polo alive for children.

For generations, our Master Craftsmen have passed on their skills to create handcrafted leather polo tack and boots. Our artisan polo journey started with the creation of bespoke boots for children and women, making uncompromised quality affordable.

Today our product offering has expanded along with technology, but artisanal tradition and excellence are still the key attributes for us in ensuring every product lives up to the quality and craftmanship of our heritage and goals.

Blending history and a playful modernity, our products celebrate all that is special about polo.

This is the story of S&K.

160 Robinson Road #24-09
SBF Center
Singapore 068914